Converts leads into booked tours for property companies by combining AI with human support.
Zuma is an innovative website that specializes in converting leads into booked tours for property management companies. Their standout feature is their virtual leasing assistant, Kelsey, who combines AI technology with human support to efficiently communicate and follow up with leads. With Kelsey's help, onsite leasing agents can save an impressive 10+ hours per week per site. Zuma's system ensures fast responses to new leads, as research has shown that leads are 60 times more likely to qualify if contacted within the first hour. Kelsey delivers human-like responses to leads, answering their questions in simple sentences. In cases where Kelsey cannot respond adequately, Zuma's human team steps in to continue the conversation. To maximize the value of every lead, Kelsey follows up 5+ times and reschedules any missed tours. Zuma's services have been proven to drastically improve lead management processes. Before Zuma, property management companies struggled with slow lead responses, irregular follow-ups, unanswered emails, texts, and calls, as well as no-shows and tour cancellations. However, after implementing Zuma, these companies experienced immediate engagement, automatic follow-ups, the ability to handle high lead volume, engagement with and texting of every lead, answering of every lead question, and efficient rescheduling of missed tours. Customer testimonials from Director of Leasing Vik, Leasing Manager Melissa, Director of Marketing Joshua, and Property Manager Gwen further attest to the success and benefits of using Zuma's services. By automating the lead management process, Zuma empowers property management companies to focus on building relationships rather than tedious busywork.