Cloud software suite providing solutions for various business needs like CRM, form building, sales map visualization, and more.
Zoho is a cloud software suite designed to transform the way businesses work. With over 90 million users in more than 150 countries, Zoho offers a unique and powerful business software suite for companies of all sizes. The suite includes a range of products such as CRM, Forms, SalesIQ, Bookings, Bigin, Sign, RouteIQ, Thrive, Voice, and CRM Plus. These products cater to various business needs, including lead conversion, online form building, live-chat engagement with website visitors, appointment scheduling, pipeline management, digital signatures, sales map visualization and route planning, loyalty and affiliate management, and cloud-based telephony. Zoho also offers Zoho One, an all-in-one suite that serves as the operating system for businesses and helps break down silos between departments. The suite is used by both small and large enterprises and has received positive feedback from customers. Zoho prioritizes privacy and does not own or sell customer data or rely on advertising-based business models. They generate revenue solely from software license fees. With a long-term commitment, focus on research and development, and a customer-first philosophy, Zoho aims to help businesses grow. Additionally, Zoho provides various apps, extensions, training, certification, and support to enhance the user experience. Overall, Zoho is a trusted and comprehensive cloud software suite that empowers businesses with its range of innovative solutions.