Zeo Route Planner
Zeo Route Planner
Optimizes routes for efficient delivery, provides real-time tracking, and features cross-platform accessibility for cost and time savings.
Zeo Route Planner is a modern route optimization platform that allows users to plan their routes more efficiently and deliver faster. It is used by over 800,000 drivers across 150 countries, making it a trusted platform by businesses worldwide. With Zeo, users can add and assign stops to drivers directly without coding, saving time and effort. The platform is highly rated for its productivity, time, and cost-saving capabilities in route planning software. Additionally, Zeo offers real-time tracking of fleet vehicles, allowing fleet managers to monitor delivery progress and view live locations. The platform is suitable for both fleet managers and individual drivers, providing an end-to-end solution for managing fleets, creating routes, and keeping customers in the loop. Zeo can be accessed through its mobile route planner or via the Zeo Chrome extension. It takes just 15 minutes to set up, providing users with a cross-platform solution that can save up to $200 by optimizing route planning. The platform has received positive reviews from users, who appreciate its accuracy in trip timings and ease of use. Zeo also offers various subscription plans and resources, including FAQs, pricing information, and integration options. Overall, Zeo Route Planner is a reliable and efficient tool for businesses and drivers looking to streamline their route planning and delivery processes.