A comprehensive link-in-bio platform for selling digital products and building community.
Zaap is described as the most advanced link-in-bio platform, serving as an alternative to Linktree and Gumroad. It functions as an all-in-one creator store, allowing users to sell digital products and coaching directly from their bio. The platform aims to simplify the process of building a community and sending email newsletters. Zaap offers unlimited pages and links, enabling users to create as many pages as they need. Additionally, users can publish posts and automatically send them to their audience's inbox. The platform also features auto-sync capabilities, ensuring that users' pages always display their latest YouTube videos, tweets, and TikToks. Custom domains can be connected, effectively turning a page into a personal website. Collaborative efforts are facilitated through the inclusion of team member invitations. Zaap further allows users to monetize their clicks by selling courses, templates, and more, as well as earn money through paid coaching. The platform offers advanced organizational features, including link folders and thumbnails, designed to increase user clicks. Email collection is made simple, eliminating the need for complicated marketing tools. Users can also send email newsletters to their audience using pre-designed blocks. Zaap supports integration with Stripe and PayPal for seamless selling of digital products and downloads. Additionally, users can connect their own custom domains for added functionality. Overall, Zaap aims to provide a comprehensive solution for creators, ensuring ease of use and maximizing their business potential.