Connects to numerous banks for data and payments, improving user experiences and driving versatility in product innovation.
Yapily is an open banking API platform that allows users to connect to thousands of banks across 19 countries in Europe. With access to data and payment capabilities, Yapily's API offers extensive coverage for both consumer and business accounts. The platform seamlessly integrates with 2,000 banks and institutions, providing a high account coverage of 95%+ in the UK and Germany. Yapily's API has powered the creation of over 3,500 applications by customers. The platform enables product innovation by unlocking versatile use cases for data and payments, improving user experiences and driving performance. It offers features such as real-time financial information, instant customer details validation, faster and more secure payments, bulk payment automation, virtual account management, and recurring payments. Yapily's API is designed by developers for developers, offering simplicity and comprehensive documentation for easy integration. The platform takes care of licensing, allowing users to innovate securely across payments and data. Yapily has partnered with various companies in the finance industry to maximize the benefits of open banking technology. Use cases for Yapily's API include accounting automation, cryptocurrency services, digital banking solutions, credit and lending services, and investing platforms. With its extensive coverage and capabilities, Yapily empowers customers to build personalized financial experiences and accelerate their product performance and adoption.