Workplace from Meta
Workplace from Meta
An all-in-one communication tool combining chat, video, intranet, and work tools for business use.
Workplace from Meta is an all-in-one business communication platform that securely combines chat, video, groups, and intranet with the work tools already used by companies. It is described as the Facebook for your company, providing easy-to-use and secure features based on the same technology that connects over 3 billion people on Facebook. Workplace offers various features like Live Video, Knowledge Library, Groups, Safety Center, Integrations, Insights, and News Feed. These features allow businesses to broadcast company events, create a user-friendly intranet, engage the workplace community, prioritize information, bring favorite apps and tools together, and dig deeper into employee data. Workplace also integrates with popular tools like Google and Microsoft. Many well-known brands, including Hootsuite and Century 21 Real Estate LLC, have used Workplace to improve communication, employee engagement, and culture within their organizations. Workplace is continually evolving to meet the needs of the future of work, with features like the integration with WhatsApp planned for 2022. Overall, Workplace from Meta provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to enhance collaboration and communication among their teams.