A cloud-based management software offering CRM, project management, billing, and collaboration features, accessible from anywhere.
WORKetc is a comprehensive business management software that offers CRM, project management, billing, help desk, and collaboration tools all in one platform. It currently serves 1200 businesses in 14 countries and is accessible via web and mobile apps, allowing users to manage their business from anywhere. The software eliminates the need for painful integrations and multiple costly web apps, offering a single solution for the entire business. With features like centralized team collaboration, customer interaction tracking, real-time accountability, and business-wide visibility, WORKetc aims to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. The software also allows for remote work capabilities and provides various enterprise-level features at a small business price. Additionally, WORKetc offers customizable options such as workflow solutions, sales and CRM tools, help desk software, project management features, and billing capabilities. The platform is suitable for a range of industries including advertising, digital marketing, web design, management consulting, manufacturing, technology support, construction, real estate, accounting, law firms, and more. Pricing is flexible and scales as the team grows, with plans starting at $78/month and as low as $39/user. Overall, WORKetc provides a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to streamline their operations and improve collaboration for increased productivity and efficiency.