Allows swift, no-code front-end development with custom designs, advanced workflows, and seamless API integrations.
WeWeb is a powerful no-code front-end builder that allows you to build production-grade applications 10x faster. With WeWeb, you can easily create custom front-ends connected to your own back-end, whether you are building customer portals, multi-tenant SaaS platforms, or internal applications. The platform offers a visual editor that gives you design freedom, allowing you to create unique, pixel-perfect, and responsive designs. It also provides advanced no-code workflows, actions, and formulas, making it easy to create advanced business logic in your applications. WeWeb supports built-in no-code actions like social logins, file uploads, for loop iterators, and CSV downloads, and it allows you to add complex logic with true/false and multi-option splits. The platform is developer-friendly, allowing you to trigger custom JS, execute global workflows, and update array index. WeWeb offers seamless integrations with popular data sources, allowing you to build with your own back-end. You can also work with any API, including REST, GraphQL, and SOAP APIs. The platform provides native integrations with services like Airtable, Xano, Supabase, and SQL. WeWeb prioritizes security and offers industry-standard authentication methods, including XANO Auth, Supabase Auth, WeWeb Auth, Auth0, OpenID, or any custom token-based authentication system using JWT. It also enhances security with roles and permissions, allowing you to protect pages based on user roles. WeWeb is suitable for enterprise-grade projects and offers a staging environment for testing projects before making changes public. It supports custom components, allowing you to import your own Vue.js components into your projects. The platform also allows self-hosting, enabling you to deploy your applications on your own infrastructure with complete code export. WeWeb ensures unlimited end-users, so pricing remains the same regardless of the number of people using your apps. In terms of web development standards, WeWeb deploys standard Vue.js SPAs on a scalable AWS infrastructure, and you can build web apps that users can install on their phones and tablets as progressive web apps (PWA). The platform facilitates seamless connectivity by allowing you to connect multiple data sources in a single project. It also offers the flexibility of adding custom CSS and JS when no-code properties are not enough. WeWeb enhances productivity with productivity shortcuts and allows you to export code, giving you the freedom to build your frontend in the WeWeb editor and host it wherever you prefer. The platform has received positive feedback from customers, highlighting its power, versatility, intuitiveness, and clean, fast, and close-to-code results. It has been praised for its simplicity that enables clients to maintain the product themselves and the capability to add custom CSS or Vue.js components. WeWeb has been successful in helping companies build highly scalable and powerful enterprise-grade applications with a sleek and modern user interface. Sign up for WeWeb now and start building for free, paying only when you are ready to publish.