Serves as a reliable option for developers needing a tool that optimizes DevOps processes, by enabling full-stack previews and faster end-to-end testing. It's a powerful one-stop solution that Streamlines development and deployment cycles.
Webapp.io is a DevOps platform designed specifically for developers of modern web applications. They offer a range of products and features to help developers improve their DevOps processes and iterate faster. One of their key features is the ability to create a full-stack preview of every branch, allowing developers to easily see how their changes will look and function in a live environment. They also offer automatic caching of build steps, intelligently skipping unnecessary steps to save time. Additionally, they allow for parallelization of end-to-end tests, allowing developers to run acceptance tests 10 times faster. Getting started with webapp.io is quick and easy, with a guided installer that connects to your source code management system and a configuration file, called Layerfile, to specify the build steps for your pipeline. Webapp.io also boasts industry-leading caching technology, creating and reusing snapshots of your pipeline for faster builds. They provide auto-hibernating full stack previews for every commit, as well as E2E testing automation and continuous integration workflows. With over 21 million Layerfiles run to date, webapp.io is a reliable and efficient choice for CI/CD. They offer comprehensive documentation and integrations with popular tools like Docker, Cypress, and Jest. Overall, webapp.io provides a powerful and user-friendly platform that helps web app developers streamline their DevOps processes and accelerate their development and deployment cycles.