Assists businesses in managing and mitigating water risk, increases business resilience.
Waterplan is a leading climate platform that helps companies measure, respond to, report, and monitor their changing water risk. This all-in-one enterprise water platform aims to reduce water risk and boost business resilience. The platform addresses the increasing freshwater challenges, such as a projected 40% global shortfall in freshwater by 2030 and a financial value at risk of $425 billion from water-related issues. Waterplan offers solutions for different stakeholders, including VPs of Sustainability, C-suite executives, Sustainability Managers, and Operations Managers. The platform provides accurate and reliable water management strategies, helps scale up water stewardship efforts, and enables businesses to understand and mitigate water-related disruptions. Additionally, Waterplan offers a partner toolkit and marketplace for implementation partners to find funding partners and access tools to measure project impact. The platform is praised by customers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), for its tools that assist in water risk assessment and engagement strategies. Waterplan has received funding and has been featured in the press for its innovative approach to water monitoring and management. Customers can request a demo of the platform and access various resources, including a blog and events.