Helps in avoiding your emails landing in spam by warming up your inbox and raising your email reputation.
Warmbox.ai is a tool that assists in warming up your cold email inbox and ensuring that your emails do not land in spam. It is trusted by over 2,000 companies and aims to increase your email deliverability. Currently, 51% of emails sent are landing in spam, but with Warmbox.ai, you can avoid this risk and improve your sender reputation. By using Warmbox.ai, you can prevent a lot of your emails from landing in the spam folder, avoid domain blacklisting, and ensure that your emails are not considered dangerous. The tool works by automatically sending emails from your inbox and interacting with them like perfect leads would, thereby increasing your email deliverability. You can connect your inbox from any email service provider in a few seconds, and no technical skills are required for setup. Warmbox.ai utilizes a private network of over 35,000 inboxes from various email service providers to raise your email reputation and deliverability. Detailed reports are also provided to monitor your inbox reputation and see improvements in your cold email deliverability. Warmbox.ai offers advanced and efficient solutions for email warm-up, including multiple inbox support, plug-and-play setup, multiple warm-up options, dashboard and monitoring, automated interactions, and more. It integrates with popular inbox providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and also supports other email service providers through SMTP. Warmbox.ai offers a multi-account option for agencies, supports team members, provides in-app onboarding, and has a detailed Help Center and live chat support. Many users have experienced increased deliverability and improved email reach after using Warmbox.ai. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to avoid landing in the spam folder and increase their email deliverability.