Lets non-technical users build, launch, and manage websites and apps without coding. Integrates seamlessly with Zapier, provides unlimited forms, and allows data import from apps like Airtable.
V.One is a versatile app builder, CMS, and automation platform that empowers non-technical businesses to create apps and websites without the need for coding knowledge. With V.One, users can easily build and launch their apps and databases for free, eliminating the learning curve typically associated with app development. The platform offers a visual Content Management System that allows users to design their data display exactly as they want it, with the option to launch using their own existing WordPress site or the built-in front-end builder. V.One also provides a range of features, including user feeds, social connections, real-time chat, and product drops, to enhance the functionality of the apps and websites. The platform supports freeform design, allowing users to place modules wherever they want, and it seamlessly integrates with Zapier for freeform automations. With up to 3,000 Zapier tasks per month included in the paid V.One plan, users can easily manage workflows and automate processes. V.One also offers unlimited multi-stage forms, enabling businesses to collect data with features like matching, onboarding workflows, and more. Additionally, the platform supports data import from various apps like Airtable and Glide, making it easy to transfer existing data. V.One is built with creators in mind, offering unlimited image and video uploads, file storage, and MP4 support. The platform caters to different needs, including starter design, web app launching, e-commerce selling, course creation, SaaS app management, community building, and data-driven app development. With simple pricing of a one-time fee of $199, users gain lifetime access to the builder and their app, along with unlimited changes and hosting. Custom support options are also available to help users launch their products quickly. In summary, V.One provides an intuitive and powerful solution for non-technical businesses to build and launch apps and websites with ease, offering a wide range of features, flexibility in design, seamless integrations, and a straightforward pricing model.