Visual Studio Marketplace
Visual Studio Marketplace
A platform offering a wide range of extensions for enhancing development environments across various Microsoft tools.
Visual Studio Marketplace is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of extensions for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Azure DevOps Services, and Azure DevOps Server. It provides developers with a centralized location to discover and install extensions and subscriptions, enabling them to create the development environment they need. The Marketplace offers both free and paid extensions, catering to different requirements and budgets. Currently, the Marketplace features popular extensions such as Image Optimizer, GitHub Copilot, CodeMaid, and Visual Studio Theme Pack. These extensions have already garnered a significant number of installations, with Image Optimizer boasting 536,000 installs, GitHub Copilot with 463,000 installs, and CodeMaid VS2022 with 221,000 installs. The Marketplace also showcases trending extensions like ARES 2024 VS Templates, Luau TextMate Grammars, Media Player - Subway Surfing, and Visual chatGPT Studio 2019. Additionally, the Marketplace highlights the most popular extensions, including GitHub Extension for Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects, ReSharper, CodeMaid, SQL Server Integration Services Projects, and Microsoft Reporting Services Projects. These extensions have gained extensive usage and positive ratings from the developer community. The Marketplace allows users to filter extensions by category or collection, such as Coding, Framework & Libraries, Programming Languages, Windows Forms, and Team Development. Overall, the Visual Studio Marketplace serves as a valuable resource for developers by offering a broad selection of extensions to enhance their programming experience across various Microsoft development tools.