Optimizes scheduling for remote work with features like time zone conversion and AI assistance.
Vimcal is a highly efficient and versatile calendar designed specifically for remote work. It offers various features, such as scheduling across different time zones, booking links, keyboard shortcuts, color coding, and polls. With compatibility across desktop, iOS, and Chrome Extension, it works seamlessly with Google or Outlook/Exchange accounts. Vimcal is trusted by numerous rapidly growing companies and is touted as the world's fastest calendar. It provides lightning-fast functionality through hot keys and natural language commands, making it easy to perform any action swiftly. Additionally, Vimcal incorporates an AI scheduling assistant that takes care of 99% of the scheduling process, requiring only confirmation from the user. By utilizing Vimcal, users have reported saving approximately three hours per week. The iOS version of Vimcal is particularly lauded as the most powerful mobile calendar developed for work and school purposes. It eliminates the cumbersome mental math required for time zone conversions by allowing users to simply type the desired city. Other notable features include social profiles and company dossiers for better networking, a "Do Not Disturb" mode with soothing backgrounds and ambient sounds, and the ability to coordinate multiple work and personal accounts in a unified calendar interface. According to testimonials from high-profile users, Vimcal is recognized as a top-notch productivity tool that significantly enhances scheduling capabilities.