Vertex, Inc.
Vertex, Inc.
Offers comprehensive tax technology solutions for accurate and effective tax compliance management.
Vertex, Inc. is a leading provider of comprehensive and integrated tax technology solutions. With over 10,000 businesses helped since its establishment in 1978, Vertex offers tax software solutions that enable accurate and effective tax compliance management. Their range of solutions includes Vertex TaxCalc for improving indirect tax accuracy across jurisdictions, Vertex TaxCompliance for streamlining filings and cross-border commerce, and Vertex TaxInsight for proactive risk management. They also provide outsourcing services for administrative tasks and implementation services for system upgrades. Vertex's tax technology is tailored to meet the compliance and automation needs of businesses of all sizes and scales. They have solutions for various tax types, including sales and use tax, value-added tax, consumer use tax, and more. The company's partnerships with respected tax and technology companies further fuel innovation and growth opportunities. Vertex's website also offers a resource center where users can stay up-to-date on tax trends and access support from their team of tax software professionals. Overall, Vertex provides end-to-end tax software solutions that empower businesses to manage tax compliance accurately and effectively.