A frontend cloud platform providing infrastructure and workflows for efficient, collaborative web development.
Vercel is a frontend cloud platform that provides developers with the necessary frameworks, workflows, and infrastructure to build a faster and more personalized web. With Vercel, developers are freed from time-consuming processes, allowing them to focus on creating innovative solutions. The platform offers a complete toolkit for web development, including automatic API handling and built-in image and performance optimizations. It also provides easy integration with backend systems, enabling seamless connectivity to data sources, headless CMS, or APIs. Vercel works perfectly on localhost, allowing for end-to-end testing. Collaboration is made easy with Vercel's automatic Preview Deployments, which generate live preview sites for every code change. By seamlessly integrating with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, frontend development becomes a collaborative experience. Each new branch receives a live, production-like URL that team members can visit, enabling efficient iterative development. Real-time collaboration is further enhanced with the ability to comment directly on components, layouts, and copy. Vercel also prioritizes speed, as it understands its criticality to customers and SEO. By combining forces with Next.js, Vercel delivers optimal performance and adheres to best-in-class SEO practices. Built on cutting-edge serverless technology, Vercel can handle any traffic spike with automatic failover and global replication of assets. The platform utilizes a global edge network, ensuring fast content delivery worldwide with updates in as little as 300ms. For monitoring and observability, Vercel offers first-party tools that allow users to analyze logs, understand traffic and usage, and optimize applications without the need for additional tooling or code. Entreprise customers can also access advanced monitoring features. Vercel boasts impressive statistics, including serving data in 90 cities, handling over 41 billion requests per week, and guaranteeing 99.99% uptime. The platform supports integration with various frameworks, including Next.js, SvelteKit, Nuxt.js, and Vite, and offers a wide range of templates to help developers get started quickly. Overall, Vercel is a reliable and powerful frontend cloud platform that empowers frontend teams to build exceptional web experiences.