A generative AI platform for creating custom business processes, improving productivity, and enhancing customer engagement. Includes capabilities for chatbot creation, data sourcing, and document production at scale.
VectorShift is a platform that harnesses the power of generative AI for custom business processes. With VectorShift, users can seamlessly and securely incorporate custom Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, into their personal or team workflows. The platform allows users to build, design, prototype, and deploy custom generative AI workflows to improve customer engagement and team or personal productivity. One of the key use-cases of VectorShift is building chat bots that can be embedded into websites in just minutes. These chat bots can be connected with a knowledge base to provide instant and efficient customer support. Another use-case is utilizing VectorShift's capabilities for search engines. The platform can summarize and answer questions about documents, videos, audio files, and websites instantly. This feature enables users to quickly find relevant information and improve their research process. VectorShift also facilitates document creation at scale. Users can create marketing copy, personalized outbound emails, call summaries, and graphics with ease. The platform allows users to build pipelines involving LLMs, Data Sources, and Vector Databases, and productionize these pipelines via API in just minutes. For enterprises, VectorShift offers benefits across various departments. In marketing and sales, the platform enables users to write proposals, respond to RFPs, scale personalized outbound communication, update CRM, generate prep research for calls, and draft account plans. In customer support, VectorShift provides enterprise-grade chatbots and co-pilots that are trained on a knowledge base, thereby up-skilling support agents. Additionally, VectorShift can be utilized for internal support to address HR requests, technical support questions, and automate reporting, thereby enhancing team productivity. VectorShift's secure infrastructure and zero-day retention policy ensure that user data is not stored by model providers. The platform offers a free diagnostic to assess an organization's readiness for generative AI and provides a roadmap for creating a turn-key solution using VectorShift's platform. Overall, VectorShift empowers businesses to leverage generative AI to optimize their processes, improve customer engagement, and increase productivity.