Comprehensive AI data engine increasing speed and accuracy of training data labeling, with enhanced auto-annotation features.
V7 is an AI data engine that provides a comprehensive infrastructure for enterprise training data, including labeling, workflows, datasets, and humans in the loop. With V7, users can solve any labeling task 10x faster for computer vision and generative AI. The platform offers features like enhanced auto-annotation, pixel-perfect labeling, and adaptive learning to fuel the speed and accuracy of annotations. V7 also allows users to gather training data in one place, with features such as CLI/SDK, version control, and the ability to view, sort, and filter data. Additionally, V7 offers the capability to build a library of models, leveraging both pre-trained models and the option to bring your own, to automatically label data and surface edge cases. The platform also provides access to over 5000+ expert labelers for projects that require human input. V7 is a single MLOps platform that allows users to manage their AI data and offers integrations with popular platforms like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and TensorFlow. With its industry-specific tools, V7 caters to various sectors including agriculture, automotive, healthcare, logistics, and more. Overall, V7 is a powerful and efficient AI data engine that enables users to streamline their training data workflows, enhance accuracy, and accelerate AI development.