A large collection of mobile user flows offering inspiration and guidance for designers.
UXArchive, made by Waldo, is the world's largest library of mobile user flows. With 181 apps and a total of 11,644 steps, it provides a comprehensive collection of user flows to inspire and guide designers in creating the best user experiences. Users can easily search for specific apps, login, sign up, and even submit their own apps to the library. The latest product from Waldo, called Sessions, allows users to run mobile apps on any device directly from the browser. It offers features such as inspecting and annotating in context, as well as sharing replay links with team members. UI/UX designers and mobile teams can benefit from the automated services provided by Waldo, which include onboarding, signups, verification, and settings for various popular apps like Signal, Reddit, Discord, Citymapper, Revolut, Whole Foods, Unsplash, and Waze. UXArchive is the go-to resource for staying up-to-date with the latest UX trends from the world's top mobile apps.