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UX Planet
A holistic repository for User experience resources, trends, tools and learning materials.
UX Planet is a comprehensive resource for everything related to user experience and UX design. With a follower count of 324K, it offers valuable content, articles, and insights for UX beginners, user researchers, and product designers. The website covers a range of topics, including UI/UX agencies, career advice, and publishing opportunities on the platform. Users can find articles on various design systems, color plugins for Figma, AI tools for product designers, and the pivotal role of UX metrics in achieving product excellence. The site also features articles on industry trends, such as the role of AI in cybersecurity, design maturity in banking innovation, and communication skills for junior product designers. Additionally, UX Planet provides resources for learning and skill development, with articles on top skills for first-year UX designers and online platforms for learning UI/UX design. The website consistently publishes new content, providing up-to-date and relevant information for UX professionals and enthusiasts.