UpKeep Asset Operations Management Platform
UpKeep Asset Operations Management Platform
Streamlines maintenance work and transitions teams from reactive to preventive management.
UpKeep Asset Operations Management Platform is a comprehensive solution for maintenance and reliability teams. It offers a range of tools and information to streamline work order processes and transition from reactive to preventive maintenance. With UpKeep, users can efficiently manage work orders in real-time, increase asset utilization and reliability, streamline parts consumption and purchasing with mobile-friendly inventory management features, implement preventive maintenance strategies, ensure safety and compliance with audit trails and regulatory compliance features, integrate systems for streamlined maintenance and asset operations, and access trustworthy asset and workforce data for intelligent decision-making. The platform is mobile-first and designed with maintenance teams in mind, providing easy access to work orders, inventory, and full asset life cycle information. It boasts a reduction of 90% in technician time spent on filing work orders and locating asset information, a 315% return on investment, and $638K savings from avoided production downtime according to a third-party study conducted through Forrester. UpKeep has received positive reviews from over 1,500 customers. The platform also offers a variety of resources, including articles, case studies, and a learning center, to help users grow their maintenance and reliability knowledge. UpKeep integrates with other systems and offers multiple products, including maintenance management, data hub, and edge solutions to optimize asset performance. The platform has been trusted by over 4,000 companies and is committed to leading the way to a better future for maintenance and reliability.