An AI-powered customer support platform that operates within Slack, prioritizing and organizing support tickets for efficient responses.
Unthread is an AI-powered customer support platform that operates within Slack. It acts as a Slack inbox that efficiently organizes and prioritizes support tickets, helping companies provide faster responses and resolutions to customer inquiries. With Unthread, teams can assign ownership of incoming messages, view assignments within Slack, and easily close out completed tasks to reach inbox zero. The platform's AI capabilities automatically categorize different types of messages and suggest responses to support representatives based on common requests. Additionally, Unthread offers features such as message triaging, escalation alerts, collaboration, education, and measurement of key metrics like average response times, resolution times, SLA violations, and customer NPS. The platform integrates seamlessly with other tools and offers different pricing plans based on the customer's needs, starting with a free option for the first channel. Unthread is suitable for various industries including fintech, infrastructure SaaS, HR tech, agencies, open source, and productivity tools. Customers can book a demo to start a 14-day free trial and see how Unthread can enhance their Slack-based support workflow.