Easily remove backgrounds from any video or GIF quickly and with high accuracy through advanced AI technology.
Unscreen is a website that offers a convenient and free way to remove the background from any video. With Unscreen, users can easily upload their video clips or search for GIFs and have the background automatically removed without any manual effort. The platform supports various video formats such as .mp4, .webm, .ogg, .ogv, .mov, and .gif. By utilizing advanced AI technology, Unscreen analyzes the video and generates high-quality results without the need for cumbersome techniques like chroma keying or greenscreens. The process is 100% automatic and saves users the hassle of selecting colors, painting masks, or manipulating paths. Unscreen's accuracy is commendable, ensuring that the background removal is seamless and of top-notch quality. Additionally, Unscreen offers a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects called Unscreen Pro, which allows for integrated processing of videos within these editing software. Unscreen has received positive feedback from users, including content creators and music producers, who appreciate the ease and effectiveness of removing backgrounds using the AI-powered tool. For those looking for even more features, Unscreen Pro is available, offering benefits such as full HD resolution, no watermark, API and plugin support, full-length clip processing, video file downloads, and audio support. Unscreen also provides a dedicated section for customer support, featuring an FAQ and contact options for any inquiries, feedback, or ideas. The website includes a blog with informative articles related to content creation and design. Overall, Unscreen is a highly useful platform that simplifies the process of removing video backgrounds, offering automation, high accuracy, and additional features for both casual users and professionals in the industry.