AI-based UX/UI tool for designing apps and websites with real-time collaboration features.
Uizard is a powerful AI-powered UX/UI design tool that allows users to design mobile apps, websites, and user interfaces in just minutes. It is the world's easiest-to-use design and ideation tool, making it accessible to both individuals and teams, regardless of their design experience. With Uizard, users can generate mockups from text prompts, scan screenshots of apps or websites, and drag and drop UI components to bring their vision to life. The tool streamlines the design process, allowing users to go from idea to mockup to clickable prototype with ease. Collaboration is made easy with real-time collaboration features, enabling teams to work together and receive feedback from stakeholders. Trusted by individuals and teams at some of the world's boldest companies, Uizard is a productivity hack that empowers users to move projects forward without waiting for design resources. Whether you want to design a startup landing page, a website wireframe, a mobile app, or a SaaS web app, Uizard has the solutions and templates to meet your needs. Sign up for free and bring your ideas to life today!