Enables users to generate high-quality synthetic voices and music. Offers text to speech, voice conversion, and a rap generator.
Uberduck is a website that offers users the ability to generate high-quality voices by synthesizing text with their realistic voices or custom voices. With Uberduck, users can create epic synthetic singing and rapping vocals for creative agencies, musicians, and coders. The process is simple: users can choose a beat from their collection of awesome beats, generate lyrics using AI or write their own, and then choose a voice from the built-in voices or create their own. Once the process is complete, users can download the rap song as audio or video and use it anywhere they want. With over 100 million views across social media, Uberduck is a popular choice for individuals and brands alike. They have also hosted a $10,000 music production challenge where producers from around the world competed using Grimes's AI voice and Uberduck's voice conversion technology. The website also offers API access, allowing users to write code for text to speech, singing, rapping, and voice conversion. Additionally, singers, voice actors, and rappers can partner with Uberduck to earn money from their voice by filling out a contact form. Overall, Uberduck provides a full-featured synthetic musical vocals platform, offering services such as text to speech, voice to voice conversion, and a rap generator.