Boosts communication speed of customer service and sales teams. Enhances efficiency, savings, and customer satisfaction.
Typewise is an AI Communication Assistant that helps customer service and sales teams communicate faster and more effectively. With this tool, teams can save costs, decrease response and resolution times, and increase customer satisfaction. The efficiency gains offered by Typewise are impressive, with customers experiencing 20-30% efficiency gains, leading to an impressive 10-20 hours saved per employee per month and $5,000 saved per employee per year. The ROI is also outstanding, with a 3-4X return on investment. Typewise offers a range of features and benefits, including text prediction, auto-completion of sentences and paragraphs in real-time, auto-generated email and chat responses based on context, autocorrect, grammar check, and a custom AI language model adapted to the user's vocabulary and tone of voice. The platform also provides quality control and analytics through a dashboard with performance metrics. Additionally, Typewise supports over 40 languages and provides instant setup with a browser-based plugin that integrates with popular CRM systems such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and MS Dynamics. Data privacy and security are prioritized, with Typewise being GDPR compliant and offering SaaS and On premises options. The company is Swiss-made, ensuring a high level of trust and security for customers. Typewise offers solutions for a range of enterprises, including high ticket volume handling for emails and tickets, accurate replies to live chat conversations, and reduced administrative efforts on call and meeting documentation. The platform has already delivered impressive results, as experienced by Roman Rothenfluh, a Senior Project Manager at DPD (Schweiz) AG, who saw efficiency increase by over 25%. Overall, Typewise provides an essential tool for customer service and sales teams, increasing efficiency, saving time and costs, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction. With its impressive ROI, comprehensive features, and commitment to data privacy and security, Typewise is a reliable solution for enterprises of all sizes.