Enhances Twitter usage with AI-powered suggestions, scheduling, cross-posting, and analytics.
Typefully is a powerful tool designed to enhance your Twitter experience. With features like an AI-powered suggestion system, the ability to write and schedule tweets effortlessly, and the option to cross-post to LinkedIn, Typefully truly stands out among other Twitter scheduling tools. It also offers analytics and metrics to help you track your engagement and improve your content. The platform allows for collaboration with teammates, with the ability to share drafts and leave comments for feedback. Additionally, Typefully offers a range of other features, including auto-DMs, auto-split text in tweets, thread finisher, tweet numbering, and more. It has received high praise from top tweeters, with 100,000+ creators and teams choosing Typefully to curate their Twitter presence. If you're looking to write better tweets, grow your audience, and streamline your Twitter workflow, Typefully is the perfect solution for you.