Type Scale
Type Scale
Allows for the creation of custom type scales with variable font sizes, scales, and web fonts. Enhances website typography.
Type Scale is a web tool that provides users with a visual calculator to preview and choose the right type scale for their projects. With Type Scale, users can experiment with font size, scale, and different web fonts to create custom type scales that suit their needs. The tool offers a base size of px, which can be adjusted using a scale ranging from 1.067 to 1.618. This allows users to create precise and balanced type scales that enhance the typography of their websites. Additionally, Type Scale offers a wide selection of web fonts, including popular choices like Google Fonts, ABeeZee, Abel, and Abhaya Libre. Users can easily edit and update their type scales by selecting different fonts from the comprehensive list provided. Overall, Type Scale is a valuable tool for designers and developers who want to ensure their websites have visually appealing and cohesive typography.