An comprehensive platform for Twitter analytics, enabling effective network engagement and management.
Twitonomy is a website that provides Twitter analytics and many more features. With Twitonomy, users can browse, search, and filter through their followers and the people they follow. It also allows users to export and backup their followers, following, list members, and subscribers with just one click. Twitonomy also offers the ability to leverage other users' lists to identify people to engage with, as well as providing actionable insights to help clean the following list. Additionally, users can get to know the people they follow through the Following Report and discover people they follow but don't follow them back. The website allows users to download their followers and following lists to Excel and provides a Followers Report to help users get to know their followers. Twitonomy also offers features such as browsing, sorting, and adding/remove people from lists, locating followers and the people users follow on a world map, and identifying the followers who don't follow back. The website also allows users to track their follower growth over time and monitor users on their favorite lists. Overall, Twitonomy is a comprehensive platform for Twitter analytics and provides a range of features to help users understand and engage with their Twitter network effectively.