Improves business growth via fast, phishing-resistant sign-ins. Reduces cost up to 50% with passkey-based authentication.
Trusona is a website that offers solutions to improve business growth and profitability by providing faster, phishing-resistant sign-ins that enhance customer experience. Customers using Trusona can expect a variety of benefits including cost reduction of up to 50%, a decrease in abandonment rates by 40%, and an increase in account creation by 30%. Trusona's passkey-based authentication system offers a phishing-resistant alternative to passwords and SMS OTPs, reducing the cost of SMS OTPs by 50% while improving customer experience and security. Passkeys are supported by major platform vendors such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and are resistant to hacks and mass theft. Passkeys also eliminate many of the frustrations and costs associated with password resets. Trusona's website provides a Passkey Resource Center, showcasing leading businesses that rely on their passwordless multi-factor authentication. The website also offers information about Trusona's solutions, company details, and support resources such as FAQs and pricing information. By using the Trusona website, customers agree to the use of cookies for a better user experience. Overall, Trusona offers a comprehensive and efficient solution that not only improves security and user experience but also reduces costs for businesses.