AI-powered platform that automates accounting workflows, ensures accurate reporting, and supports compliance.
Trullion is an AI-powered accounting software platform that specializes in lease accounting and revenue recognition compliance. Leveraging data infrastructure and AI technology, Trullion simplifies accounting functions, automates workflows, and reduces errors to ensure accurate financial reporting and compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS 15. The platform is praised by accounting teams and auditors for its ability to lower risk, improve efficiency, and provide real-time visibility of financial data. Customers have reported significant time and cost savings after switching to Trullion, with reductions in reporting time and software costs. With Trullion, users can automate complex manual workflows, improve accuracy, and have peace of mind knowing that their accounting processes are reliable and compliant. The platform also offers integrations with CRM, billing, and ERP systems as well as the ability to sync unstructured data. To support collaboration and increase visibility, Trullion provides a workspace for CFOs, controllers, and auditors to collaborate and build transparency in accounting work. The platform also offers resources such as webinars and a resource center to provide accounting insights and guidance.