Platform for data monetization and self-serve data store creation, with flexible payment options.
TrueSource is a platform that offers self-serve data monetization for data providers. With TrueSource, data providers can generate additional revenue by building a self-serve data store on their own website. This allows them to keep their existing bulk and direct data sales while adding a self-serve channel to augment their revenue streams. The platform provides everything needed to monetize data, including infrastructure, database, front-end, payments, and delivery, all of which can be up and running in hours instead of months. Data providers retain full ownership and control over their data, with flexible monetization options such as monthly subscriptions or pay-per-row/pay-per-record models. TrueSource also offers a community for data providers to collaborate and learn from each other. The platform has received positive feedback, with users praising its ease of use and comprehensive infrastructure. Overall, TrueSource offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for data providers to maximize their revenue potential.