Automates the analysis of a merchant's web presence, provides real-time risk assessment & aids in efficient decision-making.
TrueBiz is a website that offers a solution for automating the analysis of a merchant's web presence in under 30 seconds. The company has recently raised $2.4 million in seed financing. The website provides various solutions including documentation and a blog for users to gain more insights. TrueBiz allows users to configure the risks that matter to them and receive clear, actionable results in seconds. By selecting risk indicators or using default settings, users can analyze key parts of a merchant's website and their internet reputation through a simple API. The goal is to speed up time to activation, reduce manual review, and prevent prohibited merchants from accessing a service. TrueBiz aims to save time and resources by automating the analysis process, enabling analysts to focus on cases that require human judgement. The website offers API documentation for users to integrate the service and provides a schedule for demo sessions. Overall, TrueBiz provides a fast and efficient solution for assessing merchant risk in real-time.