Automates company registration with banks using OCR to quickly review documents and verify details.
Trébol is a platform that offers automation services for the registration of companies with your bank. They provide an OCR (optical character recognition) technology that accelerates the review of documents such as constitutive acts, assembly acts, and powers. By uploading your clients' documents, Trébol allows you to create queries to verify companies, agents, and ultimate beneficiaries in Latin America. Additionally, Trébol enables you to consult public and official sources of information related to the companies you want to link. With this feature, you can access names, legal representatives, and addresses. The platform also helps you classify documents and quickly identify the correct types of documents, dates, and company names. Trébol's data extraction capabilities allow you to retrieve important information from documents, such as acts, powers, shareholder certificates, or commercial chamber records. By leveraging this data extraction, you can obtain details about legal representatives, ultimate beneficiaries, and other essential information needed to link companies. Trébol also assists in examining acts, providing insights into the powers of legal representatives and agents, as well as the ultimate beneficiaries. Moreover, Trébol helps reduce friction for your applicants by pre-validating the documents they submit within seconds, streamlining onboarding processes. Additionally, the platform simplifies the verification of legal representatives, registration details, and addresses of your clients by accessing official sources of information. Trébol accelerates the review of documents by extracting information from acts, powers, commercial chambers, and tax records to facilitate the linking of companies. The system validates the powers of legal representatives and agents, and it also allows you to add and cross-reference additional sources of information. Moreover, Trébol aids in compliance with regulations by preparing reports required for anti-money laundering purposes. You can consult your client's information at any time and automate the identification of ultimate beneficiaries and business activities. With its automation features, Trébol makes it easier to link businesses for financial institutions, e-commerce platforms, and insurers.