Universal warehouse management systems API for fast, efficient application integration.
Trackstar is a universal API for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) that allows users to add powerful WMS integrations to their applications with a single API. Its main aim is to help users save time and money on development while attracting more customers. With Trackstar, users can accelerate their product roadmap and integrate once in just minutes, eliminating the need to ever think about a WMS integration again. The platform also allows users to get back development time by leaving the heavy lifting to Trackstar while they focus on shipping features. Additionally, Trackstar offers a unified data model that normalizes and syncs WMS data, saving users the time and effort of dealing with API inconsistencies and data transformations. The API covers various aspects, including products, inventory, orders, ASNs, RMAs, and more. The user experience is made easy with Trackstar's frontend modal for seamless WMS connection in seconds, and the developer experience is enhanced with powerful tooling such as beautiful documentation, sandbox data, webhooks, and world-class support. Use cases for Trackstar include inventory operations, financing with real-time and accurate inventory data, order management, ERP integration, returns management, and expanding network capabilities for 4PLs. Overall, Trackstar is a comprehensive solution for integrating WMS into applications quickly and efficiently, providing users with a hassle-free experience and helping them expand their business.