Offers 60+ free, mobile-friendly HTML templates, easily edited with any HTML code editor. No registration required.
Tooplate is a website that offers a wide range of utility for individuals and businesses looking to create a website. They provide over 60 free HTML website templates that are mobile-friendly and responsive, making them accessible across different devices. These templates are created using popular Boostrap CSS and JS libraries, ensuring high-quality designs and functionality. Users have the flexibility to edit these templates using any HTML code editor of their choice. Tooplate also offers a variety of HTML templates for different purposes such as admin dashboards, personal finance websites, job portal websites, and more. They constantly update their collection with new templates, giving users access to the latest designs. Additionally, Tooplate ensures a user-friendly experience by allowing instant downloads of templates without the need for registration or login. Overall, Tooplate is a valuable resource for anyone in need of free and customizable HTML website templates to enhance their online presence.