A platform for time tracking, project planning, and optimized hiring. Helps boost performance, profitability, and productivity.
Toggl is a comprehensive platform that offers time tracking software, project planning, and hiring tools. With over 5 million users across 120 countries, Toggl provides a stress-free and powerful solution for tracking time and improving overall productivity. The time tracking software is designed to boost performance and ensures that every billable minute is accounted for, helping teams to record 25% more billable hours and increase profitability. Toggl Track also offers multiple time tracking apps and over 100+ integrations, allowing users to track time from various devices and platforms. One standout feature is its privacy-focused approach to time tracking, which ensures employee buy-in and accurate data collection. In addition to time tracking, Toggl offers Toggl Plan, a tool for visually planning, tracking, and delivering work projects without the last-minute rush and stress. Toggl Hire is another component of the platform that simplifies the hiring process by providing assessments and skills tests to quickly narrow down candidate lists and make data-driven hiring decisions. Toggl is committed to flexible work and building tools that fit into any workflow. Customers can also access an extensive range of resources, case studies, and blog articles to learn more about productivity and efficient work practices. In summary, Toggl is a versatile platform that combines time tracking, project planning, and hiring tools to help teams and businesses improve efficiency, profitability, and overall work performance.