Automates time tracking across apps and documents, offers detailed reports, and supports cross-device tracking.
Timing is a Mac time tracking software that automates the process of recording and tracking time. It automatically logs your time spent on various apps, websites, and documents, eliminating the need for manual timers. The software also offers the option to use start/stop timers if needed. With Timing, you can easily review your time and see when you worked on what and how productive you were. It supports tracking all your favorite apps and allows you to create rules for automated assignments. Timing even saves you time with smart suggestions, making it easy to assign your time via drag and drop. Additionally, Timing can import mobile app usage from Screen Time, providing a comprehensive overview of your work across devices. The software ensures accurate timesheets by automatically tracking your work, even when you forget to start a timer. It also offers privacy-friendly time tracking for teams, with team admins being able to view aggregate times associated with team projects. Timing's comprehensive overview of your time includes detection of time spent in meetings and integration with your calendar events. You can also track time from anywhere using the web app or retroactively assign times from Screen Time. The software comes with features such as automatic productivity tracking, document-based tracking, manual hours tracking, calendar integration, data syncing, activity tracking, web API for integration with other systems, and Zapier integration. With Timing, you can easily manage your time, track your productivity, and generate detailed reports for freelancing purposes. The software prioritizes privacy by ensuring that tracked times are stored locally and never leave your Mac unless you opt into syncing.