Useful for sharing schedules, discussing plans, and streamlining communication on a single platform.
TimeTree is a popular and easy-to-use communication app that simplifies calendar sharing and coordination. With TimeTree, users can effortlessly share and discuss schedules, keeping everyone informed about new events or changes. This eliminates the need to worry about forgetting important events or miscommunications. The app also streamlines communication by providing a single platform for messaging and photo sharing, eliminating the need for multiple apps. Users can create separate calendars for different communities, such as family, friends, and colleagues, allowing for easy planning of weekend events according to each group's schedule. TimeTree offers a premium version for enhanced functionality, including ad removal, file attachments, event priority settings, and a vertical view. The premium subscription is available at a cost of $4.49 USD per month or $44.99 USD per year. TimeTree is widely used, and users have found creative and diverse ways to utilize the app. A user guide is available to help beginners get started, and a help center is provided for any support needed. The app is offered by TimeTree Inc., a reputable company with a strong presence in the market.