Timery for Toggl
Timery for Toggl
Maximizes productivity by enabling quick time tracking and analysis across all Apple devices.
Timery for Toggl is an easy-to-use time tracking app that enhances your Toggl experience. It is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, making it accessible across all your Apple devices. With Timery, you can start your most-used timers with just one tap and easily edit your recent time entries. The app also provides comprehensive reports of your time tracked, allowing you to analyze your productivity. Timery offers a range of features, including saved timers, time entry suggestions, duration rounding, and the ability to manage projects and tags. It also supports Shortcuts and Siri integration for seamless time tracking. In addition, Timery comes with a customizable app icon and offers various subscription options, including a free limited plan and a Timery Club subscription for unlocking all features. The app has been highly regarded by users and has received recognition from reputable platforms like MacStories, Cortex, Connected, AppStories, Upgrade, and The Sweet Setup. Overall, Timery is a versatile and feature-rich time tracking tool, designed to optimize your Toggl experience and help you track your time efficiently.