Tiger Pistol
A collaborative platform offering social advertising at scale, simplifies customer acquisition and sales growth.
Tiger Pistol is a collaborative advertising platform that enables social advertising at scale for brands, SMB resellers, and agencies. Their platform simplifies and streamlines the process of high-performance social advertising, removing the barriers to customer acquisition, sales growth, and partner loyalty. With Tiger Pistol, brands can drive sales and brand loyalty by unifying efforts across every channel and place they are sold, while resellers and agencies can multiply their team's efforts and minimize errors through automation. The platform offers a range of key capabilities, including bulk publishing across multiple ad accounts, automatic creation of ad accounts and pixel audiences, full white-labelling, and guided visual workflows for capturing page permissions and publishing ads. Tiger Pistol's partnership with Facebook and Instagram allows users to harness the full power of these platforms while eliminating the gaps and obstacles that exist in native tools and competing advertising platforms. The platform has been proven to deliver results, with numerous case studies showcasing successful campaigns published worldwide, and active campaigns in multiple countries. Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight the effectiveness and impact of Tiger Pistol's platforms, with clients praising their ability to accelerate consumer engagement at scale, simplify the national-to-local advertising process, and support agents in reaching their local communities. Overall, Tiger Pistol offers a comprehensive and powerful solution for collaborative social advertising, enabling brands, resellers, and agencies to achieve greater success through collaboration.