Manages tasks, teams, and resources effectively with Gantt charts, project billing, and costing.
Tiemchart is an online project management software that provides professional tools and features to effectively manage tasks, teams, and resources. With interactive Gantt charts, users can easily break down projects into actionable plans, gaining visibility on task and deadlines. The software offers a single collaborative platform for task management, team management, time management, resources management, Gantt chart visualization, project billing, project costing, project reporting, and project portfolio management. Tiemchart has successfully managed and delivered over $3 Billion worth of projects, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. The software streamlines ongoing projects, allocates resources effectively, and tracks task dependencies to prevent delays. Additionally, it offers functionalities for project billing, allowing users to bill for time or services across different industries and business models. The costing module enables easy estimation and cost tracking, and the profit reporting feature provides insights into project profitability. Tiemchart's resource availability dashboard provides visibility into team workload, helping users optimize resource allocation and improve project profitability. The software also allows integration with other project management platforms. The testimonials from customers highlight the clarity and profitability improvements that Tiemchart has brought to their project performance. Tiemchart is an award-winning project management software with a team experienced in SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and JDE systems. Customers can schedule a free demo to receive a walkthrough of the system and enjoy a 14-day free trial access. Overall, Tiemchart is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for efficient project management.