Thought Industries
Thought Industries
A comprehensive platform for modernized, scalable learning solutions for businesses
Thought Industries is an industry-leading learning technology company that offers a comprehensive platform for online learning experiences. Founded in 2014, their mission is to provide modern, intuitive, engaging, and scalable learning solutions. They have a team dedicated to building and maintaining a learning platform with native tools and integrations that drive higher engagement, learner proficiency, and retention rates for their customers. Thought Industries' enterprise learning platform is specifically designed for customer, partner, and professional training, making it a trusted choice for innovative brands worldwide. Their platform, Ti Enterprise Learning Cloud, empowers businesses to grow and scale by offering custom learning experiences using an open-source framework. Additionally, Thought Industries allows customization of website and learner experiences, modification of courses and assessments, integration of external data, leveraging internally-developed functionality, and delivering in-the-moment training across multiple platforms. They have a proven track record of helping businesses achieve significant growth, such as a 15% increase in customer retention, 260% sales growth, and 40,000 certification exams completed. Thought Industries has also been successful in providing learning solutions for renowned companies like ITI, ZoomInfo, Linux Foundation, and Seismic. As a recognized leader and trusted learning partner, Thought Industries offers comprehensive resources and support for their customers. With their commitment to innovation and customer success, Thought Industries is an ideal choice for businesses looking to elevate their learning programs and drive growth.