Lets users create, market, sell online courses, monetize memberships, and derive analytics.
Thinkific is an online course platform that allows users to create, market, and sell online courses, build communities, and monetize memberships. The platform offers various features including custom web themes and domains, quizzes and assignments, community spaces and notifications, mobile app for courses and communities, drip scheduling, bundles, coupons, and cross-selling, live lessons and events, and Thinkific Mobile for reaching audiences on any device. Users have full control over pricing, revenue, and the branding of their content. Thinkific also integrates with other learning and marketing tools through its App Store. Detailed analytics help users understand student behavior and interests to optimize their content and marketing efforts. The platform provides robust support through customer support, a knowledge base of articles and tutorials, and a creator community. Thinkific offers flexible pricing plans and advanced features to accommodate business growth. The platform has been trusted by various successful creators and businesses, including ice hockey coaches, nursing schools, podcasters, and entrepreneurs. Thinkific is user-friendly and allows anyone to turn their passion into profits.