An AI-powered feedback analytics tool that transforms text feedback into valuable insights. Allows for thorough analysis and data-driven decision-making.
Thematic is an innovative feedback analytics solution that empowers teams to improve growth and save time by turning text feedback into actionable insights. The platform is powered by AI and uses thematic and sentiment analysis to transform noisy feedback into accurate and layered insights. Thematic can connect feedback from online reviews, chat, surveys, and more with one-click integrations, automatically redact data to ensure compliance, and tag feedback with themes and sentiment as they emerge. Users can analyze customer feedback through various filters and easily drill down to the raw feedback. Thematic has been proven to increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) by uncovering top churn issues, reduce calls after taking action on insights, and align teams around customer insights leading to an increase in NPS. Customers have reported significant cost savings in labor by automating feedback coding with Thematic. The platform has been widely adopted by over 7,000 insights analysts, researchers, and product managers, and has received positive feedback from companies such as Intercom, DocuSign, LinkedIn, Melodics, Vodafone, and Hewlett Packard. Thematic's transparent and customizable approach has made it the most effective and sustainable feedback analytics solution for many companies. Overall, Thematic is a reliable and powerful tool that enables organizations to unlock the value of customer feedback and make data-driven decisions.