The Trac Project
The Trac Project
Features enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for seamless software development.
The Trac Project is a website developed by Edgewall Software that offers an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. It aims to help developers write great software while minimizing disruptions to their established development process and policies. Trac provides an interface to Subversion and Git, allowing seamless integration with version control systems. It also features a timeline to track project events and progress, as well as a roadmap to outline upcoming milestones. Trac allows for wiki markup in issue descriptions and commit messages, facilitating easy linking and referencing between bugs, tasks, changesets, files, and wiki pages. The website offers documentation, mailing lists, and FAQs for users to get started with the software. Additionally, Trac encourages user involvement and provides resources for contributing to the project. While the TracWiki is editable by users, the website notes that the trac.edgewall.org site should not be used for testing purposes, and instead directs users to demo sites for that purpose. The Trac Project website is copyright © 2003-2021 Edgewall Software.