Provides solutions for digital identity, data protection, and IoT for global businesses and governments.
Thales is a global leader in digital identity and security solutions. They provide technologies that help businesses and governments establish trust in the billions of digital interactions they have with people. Thales offers a wide range of advanced digital capabilities, including identity management and data protection technologies. They have over 30,000 organizations relying on their solutions to verify identities, grant access to digital services, analyze large amounts of information, and encrypt data. Thales acquired Gemalto, an international security company, in early 2019 and combined it with their existing digital assets, creating a new leader in digital security. Thales is committed to deploying trusted digital identities as technology continues to transform our lives. They offer solutions in banking and payment, identity and biometric solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT), and services for mobile network operators (MNOs). With a presence in over 180 countries, Thales serves customers worldwide and supports the digital transformation efforts of organizations. They have been recognized as a leader in the industry by various analyst firms. Thales also provides educational resources, such as articles and videos, to keep stakeholders informed about the latest developments in cybersecurity and other related topics. Overall, Thales is dedicated to making the world more connected and more secure.