Enhances inclusivity in recruitment and management through language guidance and DEIB insights.
Textio is a powerful platform designed to help businesses hire and retain a diverse team. With the most advanced inclusive language guidance, Textio aims to eliminate bias and promote inclusivity throughout the recruitment and performance management processes. Utilizing DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) data insights and metrics, Textio ensures that job descriptions, sourcing mail, and employer brand content are free from bias, attracting a wider pool of qualified candidates. Additionally, Textio empowers managers to provide fair and actionable performance feedback to all team members, fostering a more equitable work environment. The platform also offers partnership opportunities for talent leaders and supports customers in achieving their DEI goals. Textio is praised by industry leaders for its intuitive user experience and for uncovering language patterns that enhance creativity in writing. Overall, Textio provides a comprehensive suite of products, including Textio Loop for inclusive recruiting and Textio Lift for equitable feedback. In addition to its products, Textio offers various resources such as case studies, tools, webinars, and certification courses through Textio U. The company is committed to its principles of diversity, and its team ensures the highest levels of privacy and security. Contact [email protected] or call (800) 898-1401 to learn more about how Textio can help businesses build diverse and high-performing teams.