Text Chat Animator
Text Chat Animator
Create and export realistic animations mimicking messaging apps, ideal for stories, commercials, and memes.
Text Chat Animator is a useful website that allows users to create realistic fake text chat animations that simulate messaging apps. The website offers the option to export these animations for free in either video or GIF format, making it convenient for users to create stories, commercials, and memes. The process is simple: users can type in the names of the people they want to simulate conversations with, upload images for the avatars, and edit the text in the input box. Once the desired animation is created, users can export it as a video in .webm format and/or as a GIF. The website is perfect for generating simulated conversations quickly, making it a great tool for video promotion campaigns on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. In case of any issues, the website provides a section for frequently asked questions, including solutions for laggy exported videos or the option to convert .webm files to MP4 using a video converter from VEED. Users also have the option to request new features or report bugs through the website. VEED, a video editing platform, is also recommended for post-production editing. Overall, Text Chat Animator is a valuable resource for anyone looking to create engaging and realistic text chat animations.