A confidential platform combating workplace harassment. Highlights issues and provides effective strategies for a better, inclusive environment.
tEQuitable is a platform that focuses on solving workplace harassment and creating a culture of inclusion, belonging, and equity. Their goal is to help companies create a safe and equitable workplace where everyone feels empowered and valued. They offer a confidential and independent platform for employees to report problems and get professional guidance. tEQuitable also helps companies quantify systemic issues and track behavioral trends by using aggregated data. They provide effective prevention strategies and actionable recommendations to improve workplace culture. The platform follows a proven model where organizations utilizing informal conflict resolution approaches, such as Ombuds, have reported a 50-80% reduction in litigation. tEQuitable aims to prevent harassment, create a healthier work culture, increase diversity, promote retention, augment employee engagement, and reduce the risk of lawsuits. According to the 2017 Tech Leavers Study by the Kapor Center for Social Impact, 78% of employees report experiencing some form of unfair behavior or treatment, and mistreatment played a major role in the decision to leave their company for 40% of employees. The platform is endorsed by professionals like LaFawn Davis, the Global Head of Culture and Inclusion. tEQuitable's focus on creating a safer and more inclusive workplace makes it a valuable tool for companies and their employees.